KTM Akrapovič "evolution Line"

Part No: 61705999044
Brand: KTM
KTM Akrapovič "evolution Line"

<ul><li class="li-square">Manufactured entirely from high-grade titanium</li><li class="li-square">High-quality optics</li><li class="li-square">Highest-quality workmanship</li><li class="li-square">Substantial weight saving</li><li class="li-square">Uncompromising race look</li><li class="li-square">Developed for use on the race track</li><li class="li-square">Optimum manifold guidance</li><li class="li-square">Greater performance due to special engine mapping</li><li class="li-square">Better response</li><li class="li-square">Significantly more torque</li><li class="li-square">Significantly more performance</li><li class="li-square">Great sound</li><li class="li-square">Complies with current FIM noise regulations</li></ul><p>The weight of the Akrapovic „Evolution Line&quot; exhaust system is just 3.8 kg.</p><p>Compared to the standard exhaust system it offers a weight saving of 6.4 kg!!</p><p>The power gets increased by 5 hp.</p><p>The Akrapovic-kit „Evolution Line&quot; can only be used in combination with the specific engine mapping. It is technical wise not possible to use this specific engine mapping respectively the Akrapovic „Evolution Line&quot; exhaust system on the public road.</p><p>All indicators need to get disconnected before the engine can be started.</p><p></p>

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