Motorex Coolant 1l M3.0 (red)

Part No: 7300447
Brand: Motorex
Motorex Coolant 1l M3.0 (red)

COOLANT M3.0 Ready to use on an ethylene glycol basis offers outstanding protection against freezing, corrosion, limescale and overheating in state-of-the-art engines, especially highly stressed aluminium engines. The inhibitors used effectively prevent corrosion and deposits in the key components of the cooling system, such as cooling channels in the cylinder head and engine block, cooler, water pump and heat exchanger.

  • MAN 324 SNF
  • MB-Approval 326.3
  • VW G 12 / TL 774-D
  • VW G 12+/ TL 774-F
  • silicate-, nitrite-, amine- borate- and phosphate-free
  • extremely effective corrosion protection for the entire cooling system
  • excellent compatibility with all commercially available seals and cooler hoses
  • excellent thermal conductivity
  • extended usage duration



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