KTM Ergo Seat

Part No: 60307940000
Brand: KTM
Price £217.98
KTM Ergo Seat

<p>Under the high-class cover you will also find high-tech equipment:</p><ul><li class="li-disc">The 3D structural mesh special foam with built-in tunnel form ensures even pressure distribution and thus increases seating comfort</li><li class="li-disc">The optimized shape provides more freedom for the legs and better contact with the motorcycle</li><li class="li-disc">+20 mm seat height</li><li class="li-disc">Easy assembly</li></ul><p>Seat heater:</p><ul><li class="li-disc">Adjustable to three levels</li><li class="li-disc">Rapid heating power and long lifespan thanks to the Kevlar heating element</li></ul><p></p>

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