KTM Footpeg System

Part No: 61703937044
Brand: KTM
Price £524.40
KTM Footpeg System

<ul><li class="li-square">Visual highlight with technical and ergonomic added value</li><li class="li-square">Fits perfectly to the angular lines of your motorcycle</li><li class="li-square">CNC milled from high-strength aluminum</li><li class="li-square">Elegant anodized surface</li><li class="li-square">Carbon heel protectors included in delivery</li><li class="li-square">Developed for use on the race track</li><li class="li-square">Sportier ergonomics</li><li class="li-square">Enables a 12-fold adjustment</li><li class="li-square">The adjustability offers the right ergonomics for every rider</li><li class="li-square">Enables increased tilting freedom</li><li class="li-square">Reverse shifting pattern possible</li><li class="li-square">Pure race feeling</li><li class="li-square">KTM logo included</li><li class="li-square">An absolute must for every ambitious biker</li></ul><p></p>

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