KTM Grip Set

Part No: 54802021100
Brand: KTM
Price £11.82
KTM Grip Set

The special half-waffle grip has been developed to meet the demands and preferences of our factory riders, with the clear objectives: comfort AND safety - because no calluses on the palms and secure grip mean less stress when riding.<br />The benefits:<ul><li class="li-square">Ergonomic; contour matched to the shape of the hand for maximum comfort</li><li class="li-square">Small &quot;half waffle&quot; ribs on the rear for secure grip</li><li class="li-square">Made from two materials with different grades of hardness</li><li class="li-square">Three areas for the metal safety wire</li><li class="li-square">Grip hardness: medium</li></ul><p></p>

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