KTM Heat Protection

Part No: sxs10450535
Brand: KTM
KTM Heat Protection

<p>DID YOU ALREADY KNOW about the special properties of carbon fiber?</p><ul><li class="li-disc">Extremely light: 80% lighter than steel with the same strength</li><li class="li-disc">Exceptionally stable: Four times more durable than aluminum</li><li class="li-disc">Maximum stiffness and tensile strength</li><li class="li-disc">Free from corrosion</li><li class="li-disc">High longterm temperature durability</li><li class="li-disc">Minimal heat expansion</li><li class="li-disc">And not least of all it looks just cool</li></ul>Suitable for assembly with works and original manifolds. Only suitable for assembly with manifolds without resonance body.<p></p>

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