KTM Touratech-Ibracket For Iphone X/xs

Part No: 60412993700
Brand: KTM
Price £105.00
KTM Touratech-Ibracket For Iphone X/xs

<p>The iBracket is the perfect solution for attaching your smartphone quickly and securely to your vehicle, if you want to use it for navigation, for example.</p><ul><li>Intelligent 3D closure with one-handed operation</li><li>CNC laser-cut and shaped stainless steel components</li><li>Tailor-made precision closure contour</li><li>Plastic corners with UV light-resistant silicone rings</li><li>Rotatable by 90°</li></ul><p>The iBracket can be fitted on all our mountings for GPS brackets and it takes only a few minutes.</p><p></p>

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