KTM Track Pack

Part No: 76000970000
Brand: KTM
Price £263.79
KTM Track Pack

The following functions are available once this has been activated by your authorized KTM dealer:<ul><li class="li-disc">&quot;Sport&quot; mode</li><li class="li-disc">&quot;Rain&quot; mode</li><li class="li-disc">Traction control (TC)<ul><li class="li-disc">Prevents rear wheel spin under heavy acceleration and the front wheel from lifting.</li></ul></li><li class="li-disc">Motor Slip Regulation (MSR)<ul><li class="li-disc">Targeted intervention by the engine management system prevents rear wheel over-braking due to engine braking.</li></ul></li><li class="li-disc">Supermoto ABS<ul><li class="li-disc">Single channel ABS mode: The rear wheel may lock; ABS controls the front wheel only</li><li class="li-disc">Deactivation of Motor Slip Regulation (MSR)</li><li class="li-disc">The following additional part is required to have this function permanently available: 60312953000 dongle</li></ul></li></ul><p></p>

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