KTM Akrapovič "slip-On Line"

Part No: 6360597900033
Brand: KTM
Price £874.62
KTM Akrapovič "slip-On Line"

<ul><li class="li-square">Made from high-grade titanium</li><li class="li-square">Carbon endcap</li><li class="li-square">Carbon heat protection included</li><li class="li-square">Sporty sound</li><li class="li-square">Uncompromising race look</li><li class="li-square">Weight savings compared to the standard components</li><li class="li-square">Laser engraved Akrapovic logo</li><li class="li-square">Plug &amp; Play fitting</li><li class="li-square">No new engine mapping required</li></ul><p></p>

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