KTM Wave Brake Disc

Part No: 76509260000
Brand: KTM
Price £173.04
KTM Wave Brake Disc

<ul><li class="li-square">Whether it be punishing missions on the racetrack or touring with passenger and luggage, our WAVE brake discs supply the same high level of deceleration in every situation with outstanding controllability.</li><li class="li-square">Brake disc outer ring: rustless, high-performance brake steel</li><li class="li-square">Black anodized aluminum inner ring</li><li class="li-square">Floating mounting: no distortion, no brake judder</li><li class="li-square">No fading, consistent braking performance at the highest level</li><li class="li-square">More braking power (+25% braking power) thanks to materials from the world of racing</li><li class="li-square">Less hand force for the same braking power</li></ul><p></p>

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